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Derive nasce sul mare, nella zona Santa Croce di Sapri, un’area in cui si stratificano archeologia e architettura neogotica. Un progetto corale basato sulle dissolvenze incrociate tra permanente ed effimero, con una trama di eventi declinata in tre sezioni - Arte, Musica e Poesia.
derive, sapri, arte, musica, spettacolo, poesia, turismo, tresoldi, iosonouncane, nerve
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Franco Arminio

Derive | artists

Arminio‘s verses are all-out written, with tenacity and care, to eventually result in a straightforward poetry, without flames and mystery. A serene objection to abstractions and linguistic plays, a form of attention to what is out there, starting from the author’s body, seen as a foreign body itself. Looking is the crucial act: “I’m the invisible part / of my gaze.”