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Derive nasce sul mare, nella zona Santa Croce di Sapri, un’area in cui si stratificano archeologia e architettura neogotica. Un progetto corale basato sulle dissolvenze incrociate tra permanente ed effimero, con una trama di eventi declinata in tre sezioni - Arte, Musica e Poesia.
derive, sapri, arte, musica, spettacolo, poesia, turismo, tresoldi, iosonouncane, nerve
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Claudia Fabris

Derive | artists

La Cameriera di Poesia ·  Claudia Fabris

A refreshment that nourishes the spirit with the same care with which we nourish the body, while offering the ability to listen to words framed by silence after having chosen them from the menus, just like in a restaurant. Diners wear wireless headsets through which the texts are served. Poetry will resound in the intimacy of everyone’s listening experience as if in an empty church, where the voice reverberates, to return the word to its original, poetic dimension.